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XXL Minimaxx Push Motor

The XXL-Rehab Minimaxx Push Motor is a strong power pack that assists the attendant to push the chair with no effort.  It is now easy to move a bariatric patient around. With the XXL-Rehab Minimaxx Push Motor the caregiver avoids sore shoulders and stress on wrists.

Even on slopping surface up to 5% the XXL-Rehab Minimaxx Push Motor proudly helps over you over the top and going down you find the security of our disc braking system. If an immediate stop is needed just pull the lever and the wheelchair stops at once.

The push motor is easy to operate. The control panel is placed on the handle and offers Drive and Reverse mode as well as speed control from 1-5 km/h.

As for the construction of the wheelchair STW (Stiffness To Weight) was our goal. We used very light tubing technology as used on high end MTB and road bikes. This XXL-Rehab Minimaxx only weighs approx. 9% of its weight capacity and still provides a smooth drive thanks to the light tubing.

The castor wheels are further in front as on standard chairs. This prevents the chair from tipping.

The very long armrests make it easy for the user to get in and out of the chair. The low seat height makes it easy to access the chair.

The footrests are designed to carry 100 kg each! The footrests are also side/width adjustable. This enables users with legs aligned or with a wide leg spread to use the chair.

Maximum weight capacity is 325 kg
Seat width 56 / 61 / 66 / 71 cm
Total width Seat width + 22 cm
Total height 103 cm
Total lenght without footrests 70 cm
Seat depth 46 cm
Seat height 43 cm
Backrest height 51 cm
Weight Approx.  27 kg
Weight push motor 23 kg
Weight battery 9 kg
Battery 12V 12AH x 2
Motor 24V 450W 4.5 amps
Tire size 50 mm x 200 mm (Solid Tire) x 2
Charger capacity Off Board (1.8A)
Range per charge 4.5 km
Max. speed 5 km/h
Gradient 5°
ISO – classification ISO 12 23 12 - 02

Code: Standard - 0110-056-000

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